Childhood Walking Abnormalities

During your child’s growth you may notice some obvious differences with their walking.  The important thing to remember is that most of these are quite common and correct themselves overtime.  A child’s walking pattern does not resemble that of an adult until about the age of 3 years, with full adult gait and posture developed at about 8 years.

Normal variations include toe walking up to age 3, in-toeing between ages 3-8 years, bow legs up to 18 months, flat feet up to age 6 and knock knees up to age 7.

If these normal variations occur beyond the time frames expected, if they appear asymmetrical or rapidly deteriorating or are associated with pain and limitation of function then further assessment is recommended by a GP or trained Physiotherapist.  If you have any concerns or further questions, or would like to book an assessment then please call or email the clinic.

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